An alternative tour

Cycling is one of the most interesting ways to discover Kea, its beauties, history and the richness of its culture. Wander around the sights, monuments, beaches and settlements of the island by bike. By an electric bicycle, which you will find at a local business, you can even tour the ancient paths. The landscape, the simplicity of everyday life, the flora and fauna of Kea, which will be revealed at every kilometre in front of your eyes, will fascinate you!

Kea, with its intense geomorphological contrasts, is an ideal holiday destination for cycling enthusiasts. The island can offer an unforgettable experience with unique tours all year round. The architecture, mythology, history, tradition, cultural heritage, gastronomy, oak forests and the beautiful beaches of Kea are just some of the characteristics of Kea that can be experienced by bike. At a leisurely pace, a bike allows you to move from location to location, while getting in touch with nature and enjoying the details that hide so much beauty.

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