Music is an embedded element in Kea’ s tradition as well as an essential ingredient of the entertainment during vacation. In Kea you will never miss the chance to enjoy the traditional music performed by local musicians but also tunes of every genre by Greek and international musicians who give concerts during the summer season, making the nights in Kea one of a kind. Heavenly beaches, picturesque squares, open stone theaters host artists and music of all kinds. Probably the most special night would be the Full Moon of August, when “Kea Music Workshop” gives a very special concert in the Archeological Museum in Ioulis.

Την Κεφάλα

The lovers of traditional music simply need to seek after the feasts of the island, where they have the chance to find out Kea’ s folk music and dance tradition in all its splendor. Also those who want to combine their visit to the island with an idyllic music experience, they will find plenty of occasions to attend independent events as well as events in the context of the island’ s big festivals.

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