The magical underwater world

Kea is an immense entertainment park for the friends of diving thanks to its underwater wealth. The morphology and the biodiversity of its seabed as well as the island’ s role in history, as a location of many shipwrecks, have created a unique scenery for experienced but also amateur divers to explore. In the island there is a diving center where you may find information about diving tourism and organize your own personal diving experience.

Kea is surrounded by a series of shipwrecks: from Titanic´s twin sister, floating hospital Britannic and French ocean liner Burdigala to paddlewheel steamboat Patris and Germal Junkers 52 airplane from the WWII. Koundouros reef, a big ledge in Koundouros bay, offers one of the most impressive diving experiences in Greece. Spanopoula islet close to the northern coast of the island is the ideal location to spot local big fishes.

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