From ancient times to our days, Kea has been an island with intense artistic activity. Nowadays the visitors have the opportunity to admire this cultural heritage through the monuments and the museums of the island but also to take part in a variety of cultural events during their stay. All year long, with a focus on the peak tourist season, Kea offers a range of events in all art fields: music, visual arts, theater, literature, poetry, cinema, photography, dance and more.


In Kea you will have the opportunity to combine your vacation with special festivals, exhibitions, concerts and performances.

Such events are organized usually by the Municipality of Kea, “Simonidis o Kios” Cultural Society, Poisses Cultural Society, Friends of Kea Society, Contemporary Arts Center in Ioulis, private galleries and various public and private agents. For relevant information you may check out our website and announcements that you will find in central spots around the island.

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