Local cuisine


As an authentic Cycladic island, Kea has a fine local cuisine and delicious local products. Don’t leave the island without tasting the following delicacies based on the best ingredients coming straight from the land and the sea of Kea.


Typical mezze of Cyclades with corned pork, the so called “prosciutto of Kea”


Ksino and Kopanisti

Local types of cheese with distinctive flavor that accompany local cuisine



A traditional dish based on pork with fat,



The original pie of Kea made with tsigara, eggs, milk, anise and sesame




The typical dish of Kea with pork meat cooked together with tomatoes and eggs


Lobster spaghetti

Kea’ s version for one of the most popular dishes of the islands


Rooster in wine sauce

A traditional Greek dish with the determinant contribution of Greek wine




Τον Φάρο του Αγίου Νικολάου

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