About Kea’s logo

According to the legend, the first inhabitants of the island were the nymphs who lived near the sources, due to which Kea was called Hydroussa. After their expulsion from a lion, drought struck the island until the son of Apollo Aristaeus came, at the request of the local people. He saved the island from the drought, by sacrificing to Zeus Ikmeo something that made sure that during the hot summer months cool winds will blow on the island.


During the Archaic period, Kea was known as Tetrapolis (wich means “four cities”) because  on the island were founded four cities – states, Ioulida, Korissos, Karthaia and Piiessa, with separate administrative structure, but usually with united presence in their foreign policy.

Kea’s ancient coins

Ancient coins found in four cities – states mainly represent the demigod Aristeo, Mercury, pictures of viticulture and beekeeping. Most of them though, whatever the city they come from, bear in their back side the symbol of Tetrapolis.

Αγία Άννα

The inspiration

Kea as Ydrousa, the cool winds – legacy of Aristeo and a paper windmill continuously spinning around. And also the Archaic period -when Kea was a shining example of organization; and Tetrapolis.


The synthesis

And all these things inside a circle, but not a perfectly round circle. A circle made of a human hand, as an ancient coin. Because Kea is its people and their work, their spirit and their history.

Kea as destination


When talking about the destination of Kea, protagonist becomes the paper windmill. In greek it’s called “fourfouri”.

It takes us to carefree days, it reminds us the winds of summer and a relaxing escape.

You will meet “fourfouri” logo at events, at celebrations on the island, in moments of culture and entertainment. It will stay in your mind and you ‘ll connect it to everything special that Kea means for you.